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Title: Duo Maxwell and the Amber Room of Gold
Fandom: Gundam Wing
Pairings: established Heero and Duo
Genre: AU, action/adventure with light angst/drama/romance
Warnings: Duo’s potty mouth, some violence. Shounen ai.
Summary: After his adventure in Tibet, Duo Maxwell returns home with Heero and receives a request from the military organization known as The Alliance to retrieve paintings lost during WWII. He travels to Eastern Europe and soon discovers that’s not all he’s supposed to retrieve…
Author’s note: unbeta-ed. Sequel to “Duo Maxwell and the Sword of the Khan”, following the same Tomb Raider-ish concept (not a cross-over), but can be read as a stand-alone. Some references to people and events from the Tomb Raider comics, movies, and/or games. Feedback is a nice thing.

Key: ----------------- = scene change


While Duo took his well-deserved bath, Heero busied himself by conducting an online search for entertainment. He was looking for a combination of both their interests: culture and action. He reserved tickets for diner and a performance of the ActOrchestra group at the National Theatre, a musical improvisation show with talented actors and singers ranging from the works of Mozart to hardrock, which would certainly appeal to Duo. Heero assumed Duo wanted to go clubbing afterwards. Whenever Duo was frustrated, he needed some kind of physical activity to vent it. At Maxwell Manor, he would take the assault course a couple of times, practice on the shooting range or run a few laps around the house. Heero wasn’t that much into clubbing, but he knew that a night of dancing would alleviate any frustration or tension, so he simply went along with it.

Duo was immediately ecstatic and while Heero was in the shower, he dressed himself in tight-fitting leather pants and a pristine white t-shirt that clung perfectly to his well-trained body. He combined it with a black jacket and he just finished braiding his hair when Heero emerged from his shower.

“It’s going to be a lovely night out,” Duo said. “I can’t wait for dinner and the performance!” He turned around and made sure to show off one of his best physical assets, clad in black leather.

“I can’t wait for something else,” Heero grunted.

“Delicious,” Duo licked his lips and swung his braid over his shoulder, looking at his lover mischievously. “You should go like that.”

“What, with only a towel around my waist?”

“You’d drive the entire town crazy,” Duo teased him.

“I’d be refused entrance everywhere,” Heero said deadpan. “How many dinner guests have you seen dressed like this?”

“Party pooper.” Duo stuck out his tongue and searched for his smartphone and credit cards. He checked the phone; no messages or translations from Howard yet.

“What did you say about ‘wanting to relax’?” Heero asked, holding up his shirt.

“Yes, yes, you’re right.” Duo turned the device off. “Sorry, force of habit.”

Heero finished dressing himself quickly. “All right, I’m ready.” Also out of habit, he took his own smartphone and credit cards with him, and they left the hotel room to start their evening out.

Duo’s enthusiasm was contagious and Heero enjoyed himself immensely. After a delectable dinner and a spectacular performance from the music group, Duo was ready to paint the town red. Heero had also done some quick research on LBGT-friendly establishments, and Bucharest had quite some to offer. They started off at Control Club and went on to Phoenix Club, but left before the karaoke started; an activity that neither Duo nor Heero liked in particular. Heero kept an eye on Duo, who in his enthusiasm was prone to forget about his leg, totally losing himself in dancing and moving around. It was way past midnight when they ended up in Dainei 4 for some drinks at the bar, with jazzy, lounge music in a cozy atmosphere. Duo sipped a mix of vodka with orange juice, his second alcoholic drink this night. Just like Heero, he wasn’t that keen on alcohol, and had kept himself to soda or alcohol-free cocktails. He didn’t want to relapse into his previous behavior of partying and drinking and not knowing where he’d wake up the next morning. Heero scooted a little closer. He could see how tired Duo was, but this time it wasn’t stress or tension related; he was plainly tired from being up and running for so long and so late.

“What do you say, we return to the hotel after this drink?”

Duo sloshed the liquid in his glass around and nodded. “Yeah, it’s time to go to bed.” He smirked at Heero. “You were waiting for something else, remember?”

“Oh yes, I remember very well.” Heero returned the smirk, turning it into a wolfish grin.

“We should get a cab,” Duo said. “I forgot the address of our hotel.”

“I don’t know either,” Heero said. Fortunately, he had programmed it into his smart phone.

Back at their hotel room, Duo made short work of Heero’s clothes and kissed him all over. Reveling in the attention he got, Heero allowed Duo to roam his body freely, hissing when he tugged at sensitive spots yet moaning as he continued, tracing the fine line between pain and pleasure, with the emphasis on pleasure. Duo wasn’t into S & M at all, but he liked to explore close to the edge, keeping a close eye on his partner; with even the smallest sign of discomfort, he would stop. Tracing his fingers over Heero’s skin, Duo followed suit with his tongue, eliciting more moans.

“I love it when you make so much noise,” Duo grinned at him.

“Why do you stop?” Heero groaned in frustration. Duo teasingly traipsed with his fingers over
his abdomen before moving lower.

“I love it when you’re desperate,” Duo said. “Waiting for my next touch, yet keeping yourself under so much control...”

“You don’t know how hard I’m restraining myself to not grab you and push you into the mattress,” Heero all but growled at him.

“Oh, but I do have an inkling of how hard…”

“You have the lamest puns, Duo.”

“Yeah, yeah.” Duo chuckled to himself though, before focusing his attention on Heero again. He caressed and stroked, kissed and licked, driving Heero crazy with his fingers and his tongue until the other was no longer able to hold himself back. Duo yelped when Heero took control rather aggressively, but he didn’t protest at all, knowing full well how his lover would react.

“You brought this all upon yourself,” Heero whispered lustfully in his ear. Duo shivered with anticipation.

“I know,” he whispered in return. “I wanted to bring this all upon myself.”

“Tease,” Heero said, his hands on Duo’s hips. “I have no choice but to exceed your expectations.”

“I’m sure you will.” Duo licked his lips. “Heero, please…”

“Did you say something earlier about ‘desperate’?”

“That’s low…”

“And I’m about to go much lower…”

Duo couldn’t help it, he laughed out loud. He wrapped his arms firmly around Heero’s torso and pulled him closer. “No more talking, no more lame puns… just do it,” he breathed.

“As you wish,” Heero answered, allowing himself time for another intense, deep kiss before lust and passion took over and no more words were spoken indeed.


“Heero… we should get up.”

He groaned. Consciousness came back slowly, very slowly. “…I want to, but I can’t.”

“Why not?”

“You’re on top of me,” Heero said. Duo looked up blearily and grinned. Indeed, he was sprawled out all over Heero, blocking his every movement. He lowered his head and pressed a kiss on Heero’s chest.

“We sure had a good night, hadn’t we?”

“Yes, yes, we sure had.” He closed his eyes in bliss. His arm was draped lazily around Duo’s shoulders and his fingers darted playfully on his bare skin. “We needed it.”

“Do you think the neighbors will complain?”

“I didn’t think you were that loud.”

Duo snorted. “My voice is hoarse.”

“Then I performed my task well.” Heero pursed his lips and Duo kissed him.

“Very well, ye mighty stud.”

“I’m hungry.”

“Ye mighty mood-killing stud.” A loud growl disrupted the following silence and Duo had the decency to blush. “I beg your pardon.”

“My my, aren’t we polite on this beautiful… whatever morning it is?”

“I think it’s afternoon already,” Duo said and rubbed his growling stomach. “Oh man, I sure could use something to eat as well.”

Heero mowed with his arm over the nightstand to grab his watch and checked it. “You’re right. It’s time for lunch. Let’s get dressed and go downstairs.”


They didn’t bother searching for a restaurant as their hotel offered several lunch options. Duo took a seat close to the window and peeked at the menu before Heero had a chance to sit down. A server appeared promptly next to their table.

“Coffee, French toast and I want my eggs Americanized, so scramble them, please,” Duo said.

“Orange juice, whole wheat bread and I like my eggs British, for once: soft boiled,” Heero said. The waiter looked a bit confused but wrote their orders down and left.

“Was that a joke, good sir?” Duo asked.

“Sort of,” Heero answered. “I need some protein.”

Duo snickered and they simultaneously pulled out their smart phones, checking for new messages while waiting for their orders to arrive. Despite it being lunch hour, they had ordered typical breakfast dishes, as neither one of them was in the mood for the typical salty, hearty Romanian soups, polenta or pork dishes.

“I’ve got a message from Acht,” Heero said, “he wants to know if we made any progress.”

“Just tell him we’re following some interesting leads,” Duo said, scrolling through emails from Howard: the translated letters from Andrei Silivaş. “I’m not going to read all of this on the small screen,” he muttered to himself.

“Do you want to go back to the library and print it out?”

“That’s a good idea. What are you going to do in the meantime?”

Heero waited with his answer as the server returned with two full plates and the coffee and orange juice. Duo wrapped his hands around the mug and sipped the hot liquid, inhaling the scent greedily. After the server had left, Heero said: “I’ll be visiting some antiquaries and galleries, see what I can find.” He didn’t sound very hopeful. As far as this ‘mission’ went, the current results were just disastrous. No clue to the paintings yet, only a handful of shady people, mysterious events and a whole lot of secrets. He didn’t like it at all.

“It’ll take me the rest of the afternoon to print the translations and reading every letter,” Duo said. “Wait, Howard has send me an attachment… he took the liberty of compiling an overview of the most used words and terms in the letters. What do you know… it seems that ‘Septem’ appears a whopping 78 times in Silivaş’ writings.”

“Did he know him?” Heero arched an eyebrow. “That can’t be possible.”

“It has to be an ancestor,” Duo pondered. “No way that the Septem we met, is the same as the Septem from Word War II.”

Heero shook his head. “I believe we’re unearthing much more than we should…”

“But we won’t stop here.” Duo’s eyes glinted. “I can’t let it go, Heero. People asked for our help. Something’s going on, and I’m going to find out what.”

He didn’t expect anything else, so Heero finished his lunch and agreed to meet up Duo later at the library again.

Duo hurried to the Biblioteca Academiei Romǎne, eager to print out the letters. His curiosity was piqued and he was excited to learn more. The thrill of the ‘hunt’, the adrenaline rushing through his body as he was about to make a breakthrough; all familiar sensations that he thrived upon. He was going to get to the bottom of this! Just as he was about to ascend the stairs to the building, a large flock of young people, students probably, busted through the doors, chattering loudly. They all held binders and book bags and were dressed in a much more modern fashion style than their peers in the rural counties. Duo stepped to the side to let them pass, his eyes darting over the crowd. Amidst the students, a woman with familiar dark, curly hair was walking briskly, clutching a binder to her chest. In a split second, she made eye contact with Duo, gasping inaudibly when she recognized him.

“Lauren?” he asked out loud, but she didn’t answer and baffled, he stared after the girl in the sea of students. She was walking way too briskly and too fast to catch up with and she disappeared around the corner. Duo wondered briefly if he should go after her; he decided against it. Lauren White wasn’t one of his priorities, though it annoyed him that she was… present in such a conspicuous way. She wanted something from him, she wasn’t that subtle as she thought she was - and she looked way too healthy and moved around way too smoothly for someone with fibromyalgia. Duo didn’t know the exact pattern of the condition and he didn’t know how much or how grave Lauren was affected by it, but it didn’t sit well with him. He went into the library. No one was using the printers and Duo hogged all the machines, simultaneously printing the batch of letters. After he was done, he chose a seat in the corner to read at his leisure.

He checked his smartphone for messages, but Heero hadn’t send any. He put the phone on the desk and settled into the seat to start reading; first the letters with the most references to Septem, thanks to Howard’s handy overview. Engrossed with reading, he faintly registered some other sounds: footsteps of other library patrons, shuffling of books and magazines, the rattling noise of the printers, a soft whisper here and there. He didn’t register the shadow falling over him until it was too late. A gloved hand pushed his head forcefully to the side, exposing his neck. Before Duo could react, a cold nozzle was pressed to his skin and he hissed as a ‘psht’ sound exploded close to his ear. It happened so fast and the cold disappeared the next second, but Duo could feel how some kind of fluid had been injected in his body. Rapidly, he got up, kicking back his chair and turning around to face his assailant. He blinked. His vision already blurred and he couldn’t see who was standing over there. Non-descript clothes, a long coat with a large collar that covered up any characteristics, and the facial features obscured by a dark scarf, pulled over mouth and nose… the only thing Duo was able to process, was the assailant’s height and physique. Too tall and too broad to be a woman… couldn’t be Lauren, fibromyalgia or not, she was just too slender and petite to use such force. Duo brought up his hand to his neck, his fingers touching the spot where the cold nozzle had hit him. Definitely an injection mark… but what..?

His knees wobbled. His other hand went slowly to his pants pockets. Phone. Heero. Emergency number. He couldn’t feel a thing, his fingers went numb. Coldness spread through his body, paralyzing him. It seemed to take hours, but he was aware that it was a matter of seconds; his brain shut down, just like the rest of his body. His last rational thought was that he had left his phone on the desk and he tried to turn around to grab it, but to no avail. He fell to the hard floor, hitting his head in the process and he knew no more, not seeing the heavy boots walking towards him, not hearing the disdainful snort as large hands grabbed him and rolled him onto his back.


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