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Naruto Shippuuden

A bowl of ramen and a bug
Characters: Uzumaki Naruto & Aburame Shino
Genre: gen, a little humor
Summary: Naruto decides to invite Shino over for ramen to make up for his faux-pas of not recognizing his comrade earlier.

Pairings: Hyuga Neji x Uchiha Sasuke
Genre: some angst, some clothes coming off…
Summary: Sometimes you need someone else to remove the shells from your eyes.

Hugs and Kisses, I love You
Pairing: Yamanaka Ino/Haruno Sakura
Genre: slight romance, a little sappy, some angst
Summary: Konoha is empty without the presence of two certain people who left everything behind, one even to pursue the other…but life goes on, though emotions and feelings don’t change just as easily.

Card Captor Sakura

Ray of Light
Genre: gen, a little fluff, slight angst
Summary: Sakura wanted to spend some time alone with Yue, but when her wish comes to pass... can she act upon what she's feeling?

FFVII/ Crisis Core

Take to the Sky
Pairings: Zack x Cloud
Genre: a little naughty, slight humor, some angst
Summary: Winding down after a mission, Zack Fair takes his time to share a moment with his cadet.

Thor: Tales of Asgard

The Spirits Within, part 1
Characters: Thor, Loki, Odin, Frigga
Genre: a little angst
Summary: Thor visits his recovering Father, while dwelling over Loki's reclusiveness.

The Spirits Within, part 2
Characters: Loki
Genre: a little angst
Summary: Loki doesn’t know how to deal with the aftermath of the destruction and the narrow escape of war with Jotunheimr.

Title: Lust
Characters: Thor, Loki, Amora.
Genre: G
Summary: What is a beautiful girl to do?

Thor (movie 2011)

Characters: Thor, Loki, Heimdall, Frigga, Odin.
Warnings: none
Summary: What happens after Loki lets go?

The Avengers (2012 movie)/Avengers (Marvel Universe)

Pairings Tony Stark x Loki (Ironfrost)
Warnings: foul language, man x man interaction, some introspection
Summary: Tony is called in by SHIELD to keep watch over a very special prisoner. What starts out as a simple baby-sit task, dissolves quickly into frustration and manipulation…
Author’s note: Written for the Summer Smut Exchange Challenge.

Sinful Sundays
Pairings Tony Stark x Loki (Ironfrost)
Warnings: foul language, man x man interaction of the sexy kind
Summary: Tony and Loki share a Sunday morning together, apparently without any hostility, but not with much personal affection either.
Author’s note: I have no idea where to put this in a canon timeline, so I’m just saying ‘general Marvel/Avengers’ universe.

Characters: Loki, Tony Stark
Genre: AU, just a little silly and sexy fun.
Warnings: male on male action!
Summary: As CEO of Starkbucks, the world's leading coffee shop chain, Tony Stark checks up on his biggest selling store and its enigmatic, handsome store manager...

Thor (Marvel Universe)

A bit of pain, a bit of pleasure
Pairings Thor x Loki (Thunderfrost)
Warnings: full man-on-man action
Summary: Thor searches out Loki after a warg attack, fearing that the bite wounds might infect him. Running an art gallery as his latest master plan, Loki’s more than surprised by his sudden visit, but it’s a very welcome surprise…


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