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001.Love. 002.School. 003.Isolation. 004.Family. 005. Truth.
006. Destiny. 007.Sunset. 008. Time. 009. Tournament. 010.Angels.
011.Consequence. 012.Tomorrow. 013.Dreams. 014.Loneliness. 015.Anticipation.
016.Hope. 017.Vanity. 018. Innocence. 019.If Only. 020.Fireworks.
021.Snow. 022. Fear. 023.Change. 024.Tonight. 025.Conflict.
026. Someday. 027.Whispers. 028.Shooting Stars. 029. Forgotten.
031.That one crazy night. 032. "I didn't know you had a teddy bear collection...". 033.Spring Break. 034.Lies. 035.Freedom.
036. Guilt. 037.Halloween. 038.Self loathing. 039. Sins. 040.Letters.
041.Power. 042.Sugar. 043."I don't think we'll ever be the same after this.". 044.Choice. 045.Heart of the Cards.
046.Egypt. 047.Waiting. 048.Masks. 049.Distance. 050."I miss you...".
051.The Hand That Feeds. 052.Computers. 053.Dice. 054.Ancient. 055.Hurt.
056.Storm. 057. Memories. 058.When we were young. 059.Photographs. 060.Animals.
061. "I'm sorry.". 062.Future. 063.Blue. 064. Black Magic. 065.Journey.
066.Something in your eyes. 067.Imperfection. 068.Faith. 069.Romance. 070.All I Need.
071.Promise. 072.Runaway. 073."Can You Keep A Secret?". 074.Roller coaster. 075.Pride.
076.The Birds and the Bees. 077.Rainbows. 078. Poem. 079.Obsession. 080."It's Okay To Laugh".
081."This is only a test...". 082.Wonderland. 083."Something's missing, I don't know what it is but I want to fix it...". 084.Summer. 085.Secret Admirer.
086."Are you feeling alright?". 087.Emotion. 088.Inspiration. 089.Surprise. 090. "Tell me this is not the end...".
091.Unforgiven. 092.Slipping Away. 093.Never Say Goodbye. 094.Tears. 095."I know...".
096.Thank you. 097. Naked. 098.First Date. 099.Too Little, Too Late. 100. Kiss.

Claimed pairing: Yami no Malik x Yami no Bakura
Claimed friendship: Mutou Yuugi & Mazaki Anzu
Claimed character: Yami no Malik


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